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Inovateus and GE Energy Industrial Solutions collaborated to build a 100-kilowatt-hour solar carport, one of the largest structures of its kind. It can generate enough energy to offset the power needed to charge up to 13 electric vehicles per day as well as all the lighting in the parking lot.

In late 2011, GE Energy Industrial Solutions reached a partnership agreement to work with Inovateus Solar to build new solar carports with electric vehicle (EV) chargers. “We’re very pleased to be able to forge this exciting partnership with Inovateus,” said Luis Ramirez, CEO of GE Energy Industrial Solutions.

This innovative collaboration between Inovateus Solar and GE Energy features solar carport structures outfitted with GE EverGoldTM Solar components, GE EV chargers and GE electrical distribution equipment.

Today, this partnership brings the same turnkey solar carport solution to a multitude of facilities, including universities, municipalities, office buildings and sports complexes.

Turn ordinary parking lots into an opportunity to not only reduce energy costs, but also generate revenue from selling the excess energy generated by carport installations.

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Solar Carport Calculator
Estimate the financial costs & benefits of a solar installation for your site, including the impact of Federal & State incentives.

GE / Inovateus Solar Partnership
GE Energy Announces OEM Partnership Agreement with Inovateus Solar for Solar Carport Charging Stations

Time Lapse Video of the Construction
We've built one of the largest Electric Vehicle Solar Carports at the GE Headquarters in Plainville, CT.

GE Solar Carport Brochure
Download the GE Solar Carport Brochure (requires Adobe Reader)

GE / Inovateus Solar Carport Datasheet
Downlaod the GE & Inovateus Solar Carport Datasheet (requires Adobe Reader)

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