PowerUp - Volume 2 Issue 8

In this issue:


On the Cover: Inovateus Solar and GE Energy Industrial Solutions to Unveil Electric Vehicle Charging Carport at SPI Show in Dallas, October 17 - 20, 2011

Installation Insights: Under the Canopy at GE Energy Industrial Solutions New Solar Carport--Producing Enough Energy to Power 20 Chevy Volts or 20 Homes

The Solar Corps: Meet Joseph R. Jancauskas, PE, Vice President of Engineering

Under the Sun: Carport EV Charging Segment of Solar Power Industry has Potential for Significant Growth

Horizons: Carport Concepts: When it Comes to Charging Electric Vehicles with Sun Power, Inovateus Solar Can Choose from Many Partners and Suppliers

Announcement at Greenbuild: Inovateus Solar and GE Energy Industrial Solutions Announce OEM Partnership to Build Scalable Solar Carport Charging Stations

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PowerUp - Volume 2 Issue 7

In this issue:


On the Cover: Kari-Out's Totowa, New Jersey, Warehouse and Production Facility Project nears Completion

Installation Insight: Partnership Project at The University of Notre Dame Brings Solar Energy in the Classroom as a Teaching Tool

The Solar Corps: Meet Bill Ehrlich, Distribution Coordinator

Under the Sun: T.J. Kanczuzewski Provides Forecast of Solar Installations Nearly Doubling This Year

Horizons: Inovateus Solar Helps Launch a Renewable Energy Program for UPS

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PowerUp -Volume 2 Issue 6

In this issue:

July - 2011

On the Cover: Nova Consultants Pick Inovateus Solar as Key Supplier for Three Detroit Edison (DTE) SolarCurrents Initiatives

Installation Insight: Schletter Solar Mounting Systems brings "a world of experience" to partnership projects with Inovateus Solar

Solar Corps: Meet Kallan Wade, Director of Operations

Under the Sun: Going Solar is a Key Pathway to LEED Certification

Horizons: Inovateus Helps GE Energy Industrial Solutions Build a 100-kW Solar Energy Carport

Download this file (Inovateus Vol2 Issue6.pdf)Inovateus Vol2 Issue6.pdf[ ]1089 Kb

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