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Tax incentives, rebates and feed-in tariffs have made it financially attractive for corporations to invest in photovoltaic (PV) solar installations. With pricing for PV systems coming down and power prices climbing, ROI can be acheived in less than 10 years and in some areas, as quickly as three years.

If the cost of ownership is prohibitive to a company, the solar power purchase agreement (solar PPA) may be an attractive option. While hardly a new idea, the PPA model was once only suitable for utility-scale installations. With the interest of investors in renewables combined with recent tax incentives and utility rebates, solar PPA's are available to place megawatt size and larger installations.

The solar PPA makes use of a third-party ownership model to supply your business with renewable energy at prices lower than utility rates affording you the benefits of a PV system without many of the associated costs. Essentially, a company enters into a long-term agreement to purchase power from a solar generator. The solar generator is responsible for sourcing funds, building and maintaining the solar energy system on-site, and assumes all risks of ownership. The customer locks in electricity pricing, reducing its exposure to increasing energy costs. In addition, the customer gains the public image of being a "green" company, without tying up scarce capital that's needed in other areas.

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