If only it were as easy as calling the utility company and saying, "Hook me up!"

The process of going solar may not be that easy today but with Inovateus Solar doing the work for you, it will seem that way. We provide a turn-key installation service allowing you to focus on more important things while we handle the details of installation, interconnect and incentives.

Even as you decide where to install your solar installation, we'll assist you in siting and sizing your system. We'll show you the real-life expectations of the proposed system and help you calculate payback. By the time you move forward, you'll have all the answers you need and no suprises waiting for you.

We start by studying the sites you want to put solar on and showing you how much you can expect to save over the life of your solar installation.

We find and administer all applicable rebates, tax incentives and special programs for you. This includes completing paperwork and any follow-up required to obtain these incentives.

We provide accurate reporting for state agencies and in many cases can even handle submitting these for you automatically.

Your tax advisor will know best how to handle the credits and deductions for your company. We'll provide the necessary paperwork for them to take advantage of these.

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