PV Engineering

Some engineers create really big things, like skyscrapers and dams. Our engineers help create solar energy solutions to help improve your bottom line. Using our engineering services is just one step towards the successful completion of a PV system. We start with the preliminary design process. Determining the right system configuration begins with knowing your system requirements.

Electrical usage history is just part of the information required during the design process. Selecting the site is a critical stage in the design process for determining the type of system being installed, location and orientation to the sun, and shading caused by obstructions are key attributes to consider. This information helps us provide you with the most accurate system performance projections.

Our professional staff of engineers can take your project through the necessary process of compliance with state and local codes as well as securing permitting for the project. From preliminary designs to a final set of stamped construction documents, Inovateus Solar engineers can help with all stages of development.

  • Design and Engineering Services - Our engineering staff is comprised of two licensed electrical engineers. They can currently stamp electrical designs in over 10 states, and are NCEES-registered to facilitate rapid certification in additional states. 
  • NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installers - Our team doesn't just sit behind a desk. Our three certified installers out in the field installing, commissioning and maintaining solar systems every day.

Inovateus Solar LLC has a satellite office in Innovation Park at Notre Dame. They use the location to engage engineering students as interns designing solar energy projects and to further the company's research collaboration with the University of Notre Dame. The goal of the internship program is to provide students with a hands-on solar energy learning lab and hopefully raise a generation of engineers that are solar savvy.

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